Simple way to access various
statistics in git repository.

Installation Windows Linux macOS Docker

or you can install directly:
bash <(curl -s




Works on Windows, Linux and macOS (or you can use the Docker image).

Contribution stats

List of everyone who contributed to the repository.

Code reviewers

Find the best people to contact to review code.

Git changelogs

Easy to fetch git changelogs.


You can run on every OS with a Bash shell.

Open source

Git-quick-stats is free, open source software licensed under MIT.

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Getting started


  • Git log since and until

    You can set the variables _GIT_SINCE and/or _GIT_UNTIL before running git-quick-stats to limit the git log.
    These work similar to git's built-in --since and --until log options.

    export _GIT_SINCE="2017-01-20"
    export _GIT_UNTIL="2017-01-22"

    Once set, run git quick-stats as normal. Note that this affects all stats that parse the git log history until unset.

  • Git log limit

    You can set variable _GIT_LIMIT for limited output. It will affect the "changelogs" and "branch tree" options.

    export _GIT_LIMIT=20

  • Git pathspec

    You can exclude a directory from the stats by using pathspec

    export _GIT_PATHSPEC=':!directory'

    You can also exclude files from the stats. Note that it works with any alphanumeric, glob, or regex that git respects.

    export _GIT_PATHSPEC=':!package-lock.json'

  • Git merge view strategy

    You can set the variable _GIT_MERGE_VIEW to enable merge commits to be part of the stats by setting _GIT_MERGE_VIEW to enable. You can also choose to only show merge commits by setting _GIT_MERGE_VIEW to exclusive. Default is to not show merge commits. These work similar to git's built-in --merges and --no-merges log options.

    export _GIT_MERGE_VIEW="enable"
    export _GIT_MERGE_VIEW="exclusive"

  • Color themes

    You can change to the legacy color scheme by toggling the variable _MENU_THEME between default and legacy

    export _MENU_THEME=legacy

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